The Five Pod Program

The Five Pod Program

The Five Pod Program The Five Pod Program

The five “pods,” or areas, of our center each meet different needs that high school students identified during the design process. The pods include Individual Study, Expression, Group Study/Coffee, Relaxation, and Nature/Activities. Cohesively, these pods create opportunities for building life skills, developing a sense of belonging/community, and bringing more life balance.

Pod designed with ambience for quiet space to complete school-work and assignments independently.

Ambience of a community coffee house where groups can study, converse, socialize, find friendships & belonging, and participate in coffee talks with college leaders for building life/personal skills.

A place where youth can express themselves artistically to build self-efficacy and interpersonal skills; activities to include painting/murals, drawing, writing/poetry, print arts, performance arts, digital multimedia (music, photography, videography, etc.).

Space that creates unique atmosphere (soothing lights, calming music, etc.) for relaxation, tranquility, wellness, & self-care. Develop Balance.

Indoor/outdoor ambience for structured programmatic activities that are physical, collaborative, meditative, and bond building (e.g., team building activities, yoga/exercise). Outdoor study & collaboration areas.